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Globe S2010 International Mercury EXPO Call for Proposals

Update: The Call for Proposals deadline has passed.  Please note the schedule page for the planned programming of the EXPO weekend!


The Mercury Global Inquiry Group at the College of William & Mary invites proposals for its 2010 EXPO.  Help explore creative ways to educate people about mercury in our environment and ways to minimize its hazardous potential to humans and the environment.

We encourage interdisciplinary approaches from the inside and outside of academia by welcoming proposals from mercury experts, artists, musicians, scientists, students, and others for interactive workshops, debate, theater performances, and more.

Session Types to Include

  • Workshops
  • Exhibits
  • Performances
  • Films/Video
  • Posters
  • Papers
  • Readings

Possible Session Topics
Session topics may explore the history, science, policy, economics, artistic representation, and global impact of mercury:

  • Methylation and bioaccumulation
  • Natural and anthropogenic sources of mercury
  • Local through global scale studies
  • Transformations and sources of mercury in the marine environment
  • Environmental education
  • Mercury in novels/fiction
  • Communicating mercury hazards to the public
  • Translating science for health professionals
  • Communicating environmental hazards across cultures
  • Performance-based research projects
  • Theatre and the environment
  • Mercury-themed short (10 min) plays, puppet shows, live art installations
  • Playwrights and performance artists addressing environmental issues
  • Individual, organizational, and/or policy efforts to contain mercury waste
  • Efforts aimed at reducing coal power emissions
  • Mercury levels in fish, bird, or insect populations
  • Development of mercury exposure non-profits and related initiatives
  • Exposure to mercury in the workplace

Printable (PDF) Announcements

Please email all questions to Adam Stackhouse, EXPO Producer at