Open to the campus and Williamsburg communities:

LOIS MARIE GIBBS, Executive Director, Center for Health, Environment and Justice

Listen to the full talk (audio only):  Thirty Years after Love Canal:  What Have We Learned, and Where Do We Go From Here:  How to Educate the Public on the Love Canals of Today”

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Time:  3:00
Place:  Tucker Hall, 120

Ms. Gibbs’ experience at Love Canal woke up the nation to the seriousness of chemical pollution and led to the passage of federal legislation, called the Superfund, which funded the cleanup of other Love Canals.

Sponsored by:
The Department of Sociology,
The Roy R. Charles Center,
The Mercury sGIG, and
The Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences Lecture Funding


A William and Mary group will be in China from May 31 to June 12:  Prof. Mike Newman, Prof. Sharon Zuber, VIMS graduate student, Erica Holloman, and undergraduates Liz Budrionis, Bert Cortina, and Will Sealy.

中国访问行程表:Itinerary for china Trip:

Friday, May 30, 2008  Leave U.S.

五月30日,周五           离开美国
Sat., May 31              Arrive Beijing

五月31日,周六           到达北京
Sunday, June 1          Beijing

六月1日 周日            游览北京
Monday, June 2      Beijing

六月2日 周一            游览北京
Tuesday, June 3      AM:Beijing to Wuhan flight

PM: Visit Campus (including Labs of College of Life Science)

Reception Dinner

六月3日 周二            上午 北京飞往武汉

下午 参观校园和实验室(芹芹负责)

晚上 接待晚宴
Wednesday, June 4                  Wuhan

AM: Attend Xiong Li’s class 10:00-11:40 room 8205(biochemistry, undergraduate)

PM: visit Hubei Provincial Museum and East Lake

六月4日 周三            上午 参加熊丽的生物化学课堂10:00-11:40 room 8205

下午 参观省博物馆和东湖(芹芹负责)

Thursday, June 5                       Wuhan

All day Field trip to Eco-project Sites (Institute of Hydrobiology,Chinese Academy of Sciences)

六月5日 周四            全天参观中科院水生所863项目

Friday, June 6                             Wuhan

AM: visit Yellow Crane Tower and Yangze River Beach

PM: Bus trip to Yichang (4 hours)

六月6日 周五            上午 参观黄鹤楼和江滩

下午 驱车前往宜昌

Saturday, June 7                       Three Gorges

六月7日 周六            三峡
Sunday, June 8                         Three Gorges (PM: Bus trip to Wuhan)

六月8日 周日           三峡

Monday, June 9                         Wuhan

AM:English Department/ Film Making class/history class (informal or formal visiting??) (group talk or personal talk??)

PM: Visit Institute of Hubei Fishery (Prof. Wang Liang)

Dinner with Prof. Wang etc.

六月9日 周一            上午 英语系、电教系,历史系访问

下午 参观水科所(水产品检测中心)


Tuesday, June 10                        Wuhan

AM: Xiong Li’s Ecotoxicology class,10:00-11:40 room 5301

PM: Michael’s Lecture ( group discussion) 2:30-4:00 room 5301

Shopping and dinner out

六月10日 周二           上午 参加熊丽的生态毒理学课堂10:00-11:40 room 5301

下午 MIKE做报告2:30-4:00 room 5301

晚上 购物和吃饭
Wednesday, June 11                   Wuhan

AM: visit Biji Dolphin Aquarium ??/ Sewage treatment plant??

PM: Wuhan trip final meeting

[Newman to Guangzhou/Hong Kong; return morning of 16th]

六月11日 周三          上午 参观白鳍豚馆或污水处理厂

下午 小组总结会

晚上 熊丽和MIKE飞往广州
Thursday, June 12                       Fly to Beijing/ Beijing to U.S.

六月12日 周四           武汉飞北京 北京飞美国
Friday, June 13                            Arrive US
六月12日 周四           武汉飞北京 北京飞美国


Visiting scholars/students from Wuhan China: February 18 to March 1.

Reception in the Reves Center on Thursday, Feb. 21 – 6:00-7:00.

General Itinerary:

Students: major biochemistry and molecular biology/ minor ecotoxicology
1. Hu Qinqin is working on using monoclonal antibodies to detect the pesticides in food (vegetables, rice, etc.)
2. Xia Wei is working on how the pesticide (cypermethrine) affects the biochemical indexes of fish
3. Xu Xiaoyu is working on the nano-material’s negative effects on the environment
4. Prof. Wang Liang is the director of the detection center of fresh water hydra-culture products (fish,crabs,shrimp,etc) for food safety.
5. Prof. Xiong Li teaches ecotoxicology in the Dept. of Biology, Central China Normal University, Wuhan.

Monday, Feb. 18
• Arrive Richmond Airport at 10:53pm, Continental Airlines, Flight: 2338
[Sharon will pick up using the Reves van.]
• Rooms reserved at the Williamsburg Hospitality House for 2/18 through the night of 2/27. 415 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185 | (757) 229-4020 | (757) 220-1560 Fax
• Beginning 2/19, meal tickets will provide access to meals for participants on campus.

Tuesday, Feb. 19
• Meet with Mike Newman’s Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology Class, 9:30 – 10:50 in Millington 117 [Introductions to Bert, Liz, Will who may meet with the students and Erica Holloman sometime in the afternoon]
• Time to tour W&M campus on own

Wednesday, Feb. 20 [Reves Van]
• Morning at VIMS, tour and meeting with interested scientists/students
• Lunch in Gloucester
• Afternoon trip to Newport News guided by Erica Holloman
• Evening: 7:00-8:30 Lecture in Small 113, Seminar on Campus Sustainability, Mark Orloweki, Executive Director of the Sustainable Endowments Institute

Thursday, Feb. 21
• Meet with Mike Newman’s Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology Class, 9:30 – 10:50 in Millington 117 [Bert, Liz, Will, and Erica – lunch with Mike in the UC?]
• 6:00-7:00 Reception in the Reves Center for Guests, Mercury Core – open to other students and interested people
• Dinner at the Chinese restaurant near K-Mart

Friday, Feb. 22
• 11:00 – 3:30: Jamestown/Craney Island and Biology lab with Dan Cristol [Use Keck Lab van]

Saturday, Feb. 23
• Day Passes to tour Colonial Williamsburg [Student Guide from Reves Center for one hour]
• Meet with Chinese House students?

Sunday, Feb. 24
• Shopping at the Outlet Malls in Williamsburg in the afternoon, 1:00
[Van from Reves]

Monday, Feb. 25
• All-day Field Trip to the Eastern Shore [Keck van]

Tuesday, Feb. 26th
• Meet with Mike Newman’s Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology Class, 9:30 – 10:50 in Millington 117 – Presentations by Chinese students and discussion. Continue to shape plan for one-credit project with Bert, Liz, Will [Invite Maria Ivanova’s 9:30 class.]
• 11:00 – 12:30 Meet with Maria Ivanova’s Class [need room]
• 6:00 – Meet with Elizabeth Mead’s class and tour the studio

Wednesday, Feb. 27th
• Attend Kris Lane’s History Class (lecture focusing on use of mercury in mining)—11:00 in Blair 229
• Evening: 7:00-8:30 Lecture in Small 113, Seminar on Campus Sustainability, Bruce Vaughan, Vice President for Operations, Virginia Wesleyan University.

Thursday, Feb. 28th
• 6:30 am Amtrak to D.C.
• Rooms at L’Enfant Plaza for two nights.

Friday, Feb. 29th
• Tour D.C. on own

Saturday, Mar. 1
• 9:00 departure from National Airport

Contact information and Mercury Core:
Sharon Zuber,; Office, Tucker B-6, 221-3939; Cell: 804-694-9567
Dan Cristol,; Office, Millington
Mike Newman,
Kris Lane, History
Elizabeth Mead, Art and Art History
Monica Griffin, Sharpe Program, Sociology
Kelly Joyce, Sociology
Erica Holloman, VIMS
Troy Davis, Media Center