Wuhan to Beijing, Day 8, June 15 – Christine Dang

It has been an emotional day for me as we left the city of Wuhan and our new friends.  However, the ride to the airport with the driver drumming to profound Euro/80’s techno lifted my spirits.  As we were leaving, the hour-long drive provided a visual summary of the city—the yellow crane tower, Yangtze River, and the museum accompanied with bell performance.   Over the weekend, Xiong Li made our stay very comfortable, introduced us to her many students, provided us a window to the culture and local food, and educated us on the city.  I don’t think words could do justice to our appreciation and gratitude to Xiong Li and her efforts, but we would like to thank her for putting together the best weekend for us.  Even more important, we will miss her dearly. As we drove to the airport in Wuhan we passed a Michelin, BMW, McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, and Super 8 Hotel.  Although Wuhan is a city with a population of approximately 10 million people (half the size of Beijing), it is located in central east China thus well hidden compared to Beijing and Hong Kong.   

We arrived to Beijing at around 15:30, and holding back tears saw Professor Dan Cristol off to the bus.  As we tried to get to our hotel we ran into some aggressive drivers (Adam Stackhouse may have gotten the worse), but in the end we all ended up safely at the correct location. 

The hotel that Ashley, Adam P, Andrew, and I are staying at caught us very much by surprise.  This requires a special thanks to Adam P’s father, who was able to donate his points to further our international experience in Beijing.  Furthermore, thank you to everyone that made this trip possible!  

Later that night, we ate dinner at a local hideout thanks to the suggestions of the concierge; the Sichuan inspired food was delicious! At the restaurant, Adam P attempted new Chinese phrases, under my instruction, and successfully ordered in Chinese! We concluded our night with a delightful walk around Beijing in the area near our hotel.  The weather was perfect for walking around, with a nice breeze.